TelmedCo Solutions, Inc.

TelmedCo provides solutions in Telemedicine and TeleCare. Telemedicine combines technologies such as videoconferencing, high speed telecommunications network and electronic medical devices with medical specialists. TeleCare is the combination of technologies, medical practices, and medical specialists synthesized (organized and connected) to provide optimal health care services.

TelmedCo has recently joined forces with Aastra Telecom, a North American business unit of Aastra Technologies Limited. Aastra Telecom is a leading global supplier of carrier-grade terminal products and systems. Aastra‚,s products comprise a full range of versatile and robust open standard IP-based and traditional terminal products and systems. In addition to a wide variety of Analog and Digital Telephones, Aastra offers standards-based IP telephone terminals that are interoperable with all of the leading IP-PBX switch providers and open source platforms.

We are very enthusiastic about this partnership," stated Pat McGlashan. "Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the way businesses and people communicate using the telephone. The benefits of VoIP technology to the medical community will include less cumbersome and less expensive voice communications, ease of installation and a total elimination of costs for moving, changing or adding a telephone extension."

TelmedCo has been looking for a new source of revenue and has decided to partner with Aastra Telecom due to their recent growth in VoIP and overall great reputation. TelmedCo is working with Aastra Telecom and other VoIP partners to develop and deliver niche solutions and applications. Pat McGlashan, currently the President of RehabCo, will use his twenty-five (25) years of experience in telecommunications to reorganize the TelmedCo division. According to Pat McGlashan, "The opportunities in VoIP are overwhelming. We believe that we have joined forces with a world class partner in Aastra Telecom to bring this technology to the medical community. One of the reasons we chose Aastra Telecom is Microsoft's recent decision to enter the IP voice market. Microsoft chose Aastra Telecom as a select supplier of VoIP telephones to their Response Point IP PBX solution."

TelmedCo will initially target all small medical businesses who are in need of a more comprehensive and less expensive voice communications system. One reason that TelmedCo chose Aastra Telecom is Aastra's ability to work with many VoIP platforms. Aastra Telecom is a supplier to Verizon and a partner with BroadSoft, Sylantro, Metaswitch, Asterisk and other VoIP leading edge companies. Another reason that TelmedCo chose Aastra Telecom is their "roaming" or "mobility" solution. According to Pat McGlashan, "Aastra is years ahead of other north American telecom manufacturers with DECT technology. DECT, or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, is the same technology embraced by Avaya and other leading telecom companies. It will allow a medical specialist to roam from patient to patient, room to room, and floor to floor without ever losing connectivity to the base telephone system. DECT accomplishes this by having a cordless telephone paired and communicating "wirelessly" to the main base system. DECT's technology and ability to deliver a crisp and clear voice call is recognized as being far superior to WiFI for voice. TelmedCo is presently in discussion with a number of select Hosted VoIP Service Providers to offer a complete package of VoIP network and customer premise equipment. VoIP in the small business environment is a multi-billion dollar market and American HealthChoice will utilize its contacts and stellar reputation to offer premier voice communication solutions.